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How Engage Yoga, the Sunshine Coasts latest Yoga and meditation studio began

Jo Pennell - Friday, October 02, 2015

The Engage Yoga studio all began with a YouTube video called ‘Shout Out Your Dreams’.

I had been dreaming for many years that one day I would have enough courage to take the entrepreneurial plunge into opening my own yoga studio space. Earlier this year I watched the UTube 'Shout Out Your Dreams' and at the end of it I thought, what would I shout out? To my surprise I boldly shouted out "I want to open my own Yoga Studio".

Earlier this year I read a book by Osho called ‘Courage – the joy of living dangerously’ as I knew it was my own fears and self-doubts holding me back. So I meditated on growing my courage, and letting go of fear. The Osho book reminded me that to live a courageous life is simply to live with heart. I reflected on, "What if I don’t give this a try, how will I feel about my life when I am on my deathbed?" Also I thought "What is the worst that can happen?" So I quietly went about saving and exploring how to make this happen. I talked with lots of small business owners to get advice, worked with a website designer and investigated venue options.

So with encouragement from my husband, friends and family, here I am, giving it a go, with Engage Yoga launching on Friday 16th October, 2015 at 1/22 Duke St, Sunshine Beach.

May you be encouraged to shout out your own dreams.

"I always leave Jo’s yoga classes with a smile on my face, feeling very calm and energised."